In the work experience project DyNAMO a path (on the shop floor) is offered continuously to low skilled long-term jobseekers in the field of bicycle mechanics and/or in the cycle points.

In the context of the Brussels Transition Programmes (DSP, PTP in French) it is possible to become a bicycle mechanic. DSP is an “employment measure that offers long-term jobseekers the possibility of gaining work experience to strengthen their position on the labour market and possibly to move through to the normal employment circuit”. All trainee workers are supported for at least 2 years by experienced bicycle repairers and by a pedagogical coordinator. From the second year the workers work in the shop or at a cycle point where they learn to deal with time pressure in a real work situation. Good to know: only those who receive a certificate C.200.3 from the RVA (National Employment Office) fulfil the DSP conditions:
- are resident in the Brussels Region
- do not have a diploma of secondary education
- AND have been on full unemployment benefit for at least 24 months (or a minimum of 12 months waiting period or 9 months for young people under 25),
- OR have received benefit from the OCMW for a minimum of 1 year (9 months for young people).

In the context of Article 60 (made available by an OCMW), a worker may gain work experience at CyCLO at the cycle points, individually adapted. The range of duties at a cycle point is much broader: reception, administration, minor bicycle repairs, supervision. The aim of the Art. 60- measure is to give people not entitled to certain social benefits (such as unemployment benefits because they cannot prove a sufficient number of days of work) the opportunity to work so that they can move through to the labour market.

In addition CyCLO also offers two career start places to low-skilled young people. The entire first year of the career start is devoted to technical bicycle training. Then he or she is employed at a cycle point. The paths of the target group of workers all progress along the same modular path, based on skills. Based on the multitude of evaluations things are slowed down or a notch is added, which results in a customised work experience programme for each participant.

CyCLO was recognised as a Local Initiative for the Development of Employment (PIOW) by the Brussels Capital Region.

Would you like to gain work experience in the context of DyNAMO at CyCLO? Then contact nadia@cyclo.org or Tel.: 0474 80 34 10