Training and employment

 In addition to bicycle technology, socio-professional integration through work experience has always been part of the CyCLO identity. From its inception in 2003, the non-profit association founded a program in the Rue de Flandre centred around professional experience and employment, called DyNAMO. Over the years, the DyNAMO project has developed into a broad work experience programme.

Through DyNAMO, CyCLO offers Brussels residents with a tenuous position in the labour market a work experience, giving them the opportunity to further develop their skills. Each assistant follows an individual course and receives a wide ranging training, both in savoir faire (bicycle technique) and attitude (communication, assertiveness, customer orientation, speaking, coaching and personal development). Then, with a view to gaining professional work experience, they follow internships in the various CyCLO workshops. Throughout the process he or she can count on guidance and evaluation.

Twice a year (in October and February) we start a training course for 8 people. These grouped registrations allow for a more harmonised and structured training per level, with a clearly defined programme and coherent team spirit.



The DyNAMO work experience project wants to offer low-skilled and long-term job-seekers a work trajectory (on the shop floor). To participate, you must:

EITHER (1) be enrolled with the CPAS (OCMW) ánd be eligible to work under an Article60 or DSP-contract (check with your CPAS/OCMW)

OR (2) receive unemployment benefits and be eligible for a DSP- or professional integration contract (check with Actiris).

In addition, CyCLO offers two starter jobs to low-skilled youths (under 26 years of age). 


DyNAMO is:

  • 4 months intensive training in our training workshop, located at the Quai des Charbonnages in Brussels
  • full-time employment in one or more shops starting from the 5th month
  • intensive guidance on general skills
  • Dutch lessons
  • a basic computer course
  • coaching at the individual and group level


DyNAMO aims to strengthen the general skills of its course attendees. While everyone follows the same programme, each shop assistant can count on a personal development plan, tailored to their own competences. Based on multiple evaluations and individual consultation sessions, the assistants are encouraged to improve certain skills. Each participant will benefit from a tailor-made work experience programme. As the end of the trajectory approaches, we try to increase the likelihood of employment after leaving the company, together with the CPAS/OCMW and LINK (by Actiris).


Do you want to gain work experience at CyCLO within the DyNAMO framework? Contact or call 0474 80 34 10.


CyCLO was recognised as a Local Initiative for the Development of Employment (PIOW) by the Brussels Capital Region.