Training and employment

CyCLO is a social economy enterprise in Brussels. Training through work experience and the creation of employment for target group workers in the bicycle economy are important to the city. Indeed, CyCLO employs many Brussels residents who are more distant from the labour market in a local economic niche that improves mobility and sustainability. At CyCLO each worker, target group or not, is given their individual career path. Because the workers are the engine of the organisation, CyCLO sets great store in personal development. The organisation of work experience and creation of employment make it possible for target group workers to be active on the labour market again but it is much more than that. The individual career path takes the personal and professional expectations and possibilities into consideration. Competence management therefore fits perfectly in our striving for quality and good results. Acquiring and deepening (additional) skills is crucial to the CyCLO-employee and makes them strong, both now and in the future. In 2011 CyCLO won the Prix de l’Economie Sociale (link).