Bike Culture (TARMAC)

TARMAC is the operation within CyCLO that promotes and supports the cycling culture. It is also the engine for innovation within the organisation. TARMAC builds bridges and cooperates with various types of partners around cycling and the bicycle in itself.
That may sound abstract but we make it concrete.

TARMAC gives technical bicycle support to events, campaigns and actions from other organisations. That may relate to workshops, a circuit of special bikes, presence at events, technical advice on starting up your own workshop, making material and/or infrastructure available, ...
Does your neighbourhood, school, municipality, organisation have a mobility project and do you need help or ideas for it?
Then send an email to, or call 02 512 68 90.

In addition TARMAC is also a real workplace where the bicycle and all its components are approached creatively. Bicycle related projects are made, built and tested here: custom-made bikes, bicycle sheds, beautiful upcycled objects. The TARMAC workplace also cooperates with designers and artists to achieve new applications.