Bike mechanic Courses

You ride your bike every day, but how well do you know it?  How is it built up? How to take care of it? How to diagnose technical problems? The CyCLO modules allow you to get a better overall understanding of your bike and how it works, while also learning how to use the necessary tools.
The courses occur in different levels :

1. Bike mechanics, the basics
2. Bike mechanics for beginners
3. Bike mechanics, intermediate level

Bike mechanics, the basics 1 and 2

Your bike is one big mystery to you? What's that strange noise each time I pedal? Would you like to fix your bike youself but you don't know where to start? This 2 courses allow you to fully enjoy your bike,  maintain it and check its parts for wear.

  • Basics 1: Get to know the vocabulary of each bicycle part, the content of a bike mechanic hobbyist toolkit and some tips and tricks of a pro. Finally face enemy number one of every bike tour: a puncture! How to prevent, fix or change an inner tube?
  • Basics 2: Learn how to check your bike: noises, wear, dangers and the functioning of the transmission. Put your saddle on the right position and get ergonomic advice. Maybe, at the end there's still some time left to regulate or fix small issues on you bike, discovered during class. 

When? Dutch, Tuesday, 5-7pm, English, Thursday, 5-7pm, French: Saturday, 11am-1pm Please check the calender below for the specfic dates.
Where? Workshop Bockstael


Time to move on to specific bike parts?  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer courses on the functioning of

  • Brakes (cabled rim brakes): Discover what type of brakes make your bike hold still when the traffic light turns red. Learn to understand their mechanics and become a true hero in replacing brake pads!
  • Derailleurs (with cables): Discover what type of derailleur help you climbing that hill! Learn to understand its mechanics and become a true master in adjusting and replacing gear cables!
  • Wheel bearings (removable): Discover what a wheel bearing system is all about, why they were put in the axle of your wheel and become a real expert of all those rings and balls!

When? On Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8pm. Please check the calender below for the specfic dates.
Where? Het Atelier Participatif


You followed our classes for dummies on the same topic or you already have built up some know-how yourself. You are used to handle tools, meaning you don’t hesitate which way to turn in order to screw or unscrew? Than these are the topics treated on Saturday morning:

  • Rim brakes (with cable) 
  • Derailleurs (with cable)
  • Headset bearings (cone and bowl type, removable)

When? On Saturday (French) from 10:30am till 12:30pm. Please check the calender below for the specfic dates.
Where? Het Atelier Participatif

Practical info

Registration is mandatory

€20 registration and payment on the spot
€22,17 online registration and payment

There are English, French and Dutch classes, so check the calendar below! 

Dates, more info and online registration :

On demand

It's possible to organise a workshop on a bike (mechanical) related subject for a group of people.
How? By sending an e-mail to or with a proposal for the subjet, some possible dates and the number of participants. 

1 mechanic: 40 euro/hour for a maximum of 4 participants
2 mechnics: 80 euro/hour for a maximum of 8 participants