Buy a real CyCLO bike

Looking for a good bike for a limited budget? Buy a good quality second-hand bike. CyCLO's refubished bikes aren't only sustainable because they're giving new life to discarted bikes, but also because they put everything in place to keep you happy cycling it, as long as possible!

Here's how it goes: through its social professional insertion project DyNAMO, Brussels bike mechanic trainees take thoroughly care of donated bikes. Worn parts are replaced by new or used parts in perfect shape. Professional mechanics do a last careful check-up and together with the purchase goes a garantee of one year (document in French).

So if you want your bike to be green, social and local, a CyCLO-bike is a great option. Scroll through the online offer below or to pass by in our Bockstael Workshop to come and check them out with your very own eyes! It is not possible to make a reservation, but for all other questions give a call to Bockstael Workshop directly To make sure we can help you out please give us a call before coming our way. Due to construction works we sometimes face technical problems   

Used bike fairs

Trice a year, we organise used bike fairs on different locations in town. Here, private individuals can sell their old bike or buy a second-hand bike. Don’t miss this fantastic event!

The next bike fair is planned on Sunday the 26th of April (10AM till 6PM) together with Brussels Mobility at See U. More info soon.


Acquiring a second-hand bike fleet

To improve sustainable mobility within your organisation (school, municipality, CPAS, …), you can acquire a fleet of service bikes. 

Bring it in at your workshop of choice.