Maintenance contracts

A lot of organisations forget or underestimate maintenance when purchasing a fleet of bicycles. There is no time for it or nobody knows how to do it. As a result of that, after one year, the bicycles end up unused in a lost corner of the basement. This is not durable, although the intention was good.
CyCLO can solve this issue by means of a maintenance contract. We maintain and repair the bicycles on the spot regularly. This way, the bicycles are always in perfect shape while you have to invest neither time nor effort.
Depending on the amount of bicycles, the number of locations and the intensity of the use, Cyclo is pleased to draw up an offer tailored to your needs. Maintenance twice a year is considered to be a minimum service for us. We can repair the bikes on the spot, but we can help you just as well in one of our bicycle points, which are widespread all over the city.
Based on our experience with maintenance contracts, CyCLO knows that a flexible approach works best.
Do not hesitate to get in touch for an offer tailored to your needs at: – phone: 02 and so forth.