Maintenance on the spot for schools and non-profit organisations

Maintenance on the spot is done by our mobile workshop. This workshop is equipped with all the tools and parts which are needed for small repairs. It hits the road for maintenance and repairs in the framework of maintenance contracts, but you can also rent it for half a day or an entire day.

Schools often organise a mobility day or week. They teach children how to ride a bike in traffic, or how to replace an inner tube. Usually this event is combined with a cycling tour. But what if the school bikes or the children’s bikes are not in good working order? You can bring them to CyCLO beforehand in order to put the bike fleet in good shape. But you can also have CyCLO come to your school. The mobile workshop will then put all present bicycles to a mechanical test on the spot and the bicycle mechanics will make all possible small repairs.
We use a favourable rate for schools and non-profit organisations: two mechanics will come to school for 50 euros per hour. The transportation costs remain the same (36 euros). We like to know the amount of bicycles you would like us to repair in advance. It’s also best to provide a workspace of twenty square metres (sheltered in case of bad weather).
Please contact CyCLO BURO for information or to book the mobile workshop.