Big Used Bike Bazaar

Saturday 05/03/2016

Are you the owner of an old bicycle that runs well but that you no longer ride? Use it to make another cyclist's day by selling it at our used bike bazaar.

Here are the details:
In the morning, bring your bicycle to CyCLO workshop, between 10:00AM and 12:00PM. We will give your bicycle a full checkup, then you and our lead mechanic will fix a selling price. We will encourage you to leave contact information in case potential buyers wish to get in touch with you, negotiate a price and make out a bill of sale.

In the afternoon, beginning at 12:00PM, sales will open and visitors will have the chance to bid for bicycles at a fair price. Because our mechanics will have put your bicycle through its paces, the buyer will be sure that everything is in working order and that he or she isn't buying a lemon. Because sellers and buyers sign a bill or sale, buyers know they are not purchasing a stolen bicycle.

In the evening, at 5:00PM, sellers return to CyCLO's shop and receive the proceeds generated by the sale of his or her bicycle. Unsold bicycles are returned to their owners, unreclaimed bicycles will be donated to CyCLO.
We encourage all sellers to attend the bazaar and hype their bicycles: help us make the sale!

Important: if you are selling an expensive bicycle, you will need to provide the original sales receipt.

Practical information:
10:00AM-12:00PM: bicycle drop-off and screening by our mechanics
1:00-5:00PM: used bicycle bazaar
5:00PM: retrieve un-sold bicycles

Between tuesday and friday (March 1st-4th), you can drop your old bicycles off at our Center shop, or on the day of the bazaar.