Bike fair again!

Tuesday 29/09/2020 to Sunday 11/10/2020

A bike to sell or not of use anymore? Get it out of your basement so somebody else can take it for a ride again! Bringing it in for sale is possible from the 29th of September on, next to our Bike Point at pre metro station Bourse/Grand Place.  In need for a bike? On Sunday the 4th or the 11th of October, please come over to Place de la Bourse to check out the bikes for sale.  The fair itself will be underground…


  • Which bike can I sell? CyCLO accepts all bicycle types (adult and children’s bikes, folding bikes,…), provided in an operational state (please notice that the better the condition, the bigger the chance it will get sold), with a maximum of 2 bikes per person and reserves the right to refuse bicycles*. We 'll only accept bikes of value when presenting a proof of purchase. In case of doubt and before making the trip, please contact 0487 908 197 (during the hours of the bike deposit) with a description of the type of bike.
    *For example: unfixable brakes (on some bikes bought in supermarkets) or when the needed repair costs transcend the bike's price + based on the offer (for example; when there are already too much racing bikes because they are sold less easily). 
  • How? Upon introduction, a technical team inspects the bicycle, providing an estimate of its value, the condition it’s in and potential repair costs. Together we will complete a technical data sheet and determine a reasonable price.
  • When to bring in? You can bring in your bike 2 days prior to the sale, on Friday (2 & 9.10) between 10 am and 5 pm* and on Saturday (4&10.10) between 10 am and 3 pm.
    *Attention: last bike accepted 15’ before closing hour)
  • And afterwards? If someone wants to buy your bicycle, we draw up a contract between you and the buyer. You will then be given a call to invite you to collect the indicated amount from CyCLO. If your bike did not find a buyer, you will also be notified and asked to collect it on Tuesday the 13th of October (between 9am and 5pm). If you don't collect it during this period, you’ll bike will be considered as a gift.


  • Which bike can I buy? CyCLO accepts any bicycle that functions well. We will determine its condition with a technical checklist. However, it’s difficult to determine in advance the quantity, quality and type of the bicycles, as this depends on the bike seller's offer. By experience we especially see city and children bikes coming in and also a modest choice of race and mountain bikes.
  • How? The CyCLO team will help you choose a bike according to your desires and budget. All bikes on sale will be exhibited with a technical sheet informing you on its characteristics, price, condition, potential repairs or additional costs. You can test it outdoors by submitting a warranty and identity card. Found something to you like ? All purchases are done in cash. CyCLO will draw up a proof of sale, making you the proud new owner of the chosen two-wheeler! Please notice, that there will be no warranty.
  • When? Sunday the 4th and 11th of October (12 am to 5 pm)


Place de la Bourse, 1000 Brussel
Pre metro station Bourse/ Grand Place, Line 3, 4 and 32

Wearing a mask is mandatory
- Bike fair visitors can get an entree ticket at the info tent on Place the la Bourse. A maximum of 50 persons an hour is allowed, so please don’t come all at once at 12 o’clock :-)
- Due to the limited space of the station hall, it won’t be possible to make a test ride. So please read the technical paper carefully or ask us for advice.

02 512 68 90 for general questions
0487 908 197 (technical questions, only during the hours of deposit)
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With the support of The City of Brussels (Mobility) and Bike For Brussels


Schepen van Mobiliteit en openbare werken van de Stad Brussel en Bike For Brussels