Intergenerational ride looking for enthusiastic volunteers

Racing, city, folding, cargo bikes... All urban cyclists share the same feeling -  that of the delicious freedom of travelling around the city on a bike, taking in fresh air, burning off the stress, enjoying the landscape at their pace, reliving childhood memories of bike rides.

After a certain age, however, riding a bike in the streets of Brussels is not as easy as it used to be.  The initiative "Third Age, Third Wheel" brings together enthusiastic volunteers and senior citizens wanting to reclaim their city from the automobile to promote cycling. 

Everything is possible:  a ride to run errands, to visit friends, or to rediscover the neighbourhood. For the fun of being outdoors, spending time together, and sharing memorable moments.

Origins of the project

Peter's passion for rickshaws, these exotic taxi bikes from Asia, dates back to 2010. In 2015, he started organising weekly rides with seniors from the Ursulines public social welfare centre. In early 2016, he founded the non-profit Frickshaw to place the rickshaws at the disposal of volunteers and extend the offer to other institutions. The non-profit CyCLO decided to support the project by looking after the storage and maintenance of the bikes, and the lending procedure. 

The principle?

Peter's three rickshaws are available in the secured parking areas of the Central and Midi bike pickup points. After contacting Peter, volunteers can go to one of the bike pickup points during opening hours (7 am to 7 pm) to pick up their access pass to the parking area and the rickshaw key lock. They then proceed to the senior home of their choice, perform their ride, and subsequently return the rickshaw.  

We are constantly looking for volunteers to ride the bikes and for new venues to visit - do not hesitate to contact Peter!

Further information?