Bicycles sheds in bike points

Brussels cyclists know it: bike thefts are a scourge. To allow you to park your bike in a more secure location, there are currently four bike parking points with access control near the North, Luxembourg, South stations and from 15 March 2016, the Central station. These are enclosed bike parkings which can be accessed with an access badge.

To use this service, go to the bike point at the station of your choice and register by completing a form and paying the fee. The activation fees are €5, the annual price is €15, and the monthly price is €2. So you pay €20 a year.

Please note, the fact that the parking has secure access does not guarantee a total absence of bike thefts. To minimise the risks, read our anti-theft advice.

application/pdf Registration form (137.4 KB)
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Bicycle shed Central

A large indoor bike parking is linked to the Central bike point. This is next to the bike point at the Madeleine exit. From 15 March, the bike parking next to the central bike point will be equipped with access control. Good news for commuters who want to leave their bike at a more secure location!

From 15 February, you can pick up your access badge from the central bike point. It costs €20 per year.
Cyclists who do not want a badge must move their bike from this parking before 15 March.

What alternatives are there?
Don’t want to invest in a badge? Free unsecured bike parking remains available at the Putterie entrance to the central station.

Attention: this parking is located inside the central station, so it is only open during station opening hours. Madeleine access times (level -1): Open from 4:30 to 20:00. Main access times (level 0) (possible to take bikes down in the lift to the right on entering): Open from 4:30 am to 1:00 am.

Bicycle shed Luxemburg

The bike parking linked to the Luxembourg bike point is partly at the entrance to the station and partly in the station, where it is equipped with an access control system. You can obtain an access badge to this secure parking by paying the annual fee of €20. Please note: as a result, this parking with access control is only open during the opening hours of the Luxembourg station.

Bicycle shed MIDI

The Brussels South international station is especially prey to bike thefts. In 2015, a large bike parking with access control was opened at the South station, on the rue de France side. To obtain an access badge (€20 a year), drop into the south bike point and register.

Bicycle shed North

At the North bike point there is a large enclosed bike parking with access control. It is in the covered space to the left of the Rogier entrance, right beside the bike point. You can obtain an access badge to the bike point for €20 a year. The bike enclosure is open daily and 24 hours a day.