Bike rental

CyCLO rents out a large fleet of different types of bicycles: city bikes, folding bikes, (electric) cargo bikes, special bikes as well as lots of accessories. An ideal fit if you would like to discover Brussels by bike, organise a group excursion, or test a particular type of bicycle before deciding on purchasing one. All the types of bicycles available for rent are detailed below.

Attention: please read the conditions below carefully before contacting the bike point. You 'll probably find the answer to your questions there.

You can find the prices in the pdf below. 

Renting a bike on Friday? Please bring it back a quarter before closing time (6:45 pm). You (also) need it on Saturday or for the entire weekend? That's possible, but please note that our Bike Points are closed on Saturday and is therefore counted as a second day (cheaper). Your Sunday by bike will be on our account and you can bring back the bike the next Monday (3rd counted day) before closing time. (Example: €15 (Friday) + €8 (Saturday) + € 0 (Sunday) + €8 (Monday)= €31)

Payment methods.  You can pay in cash or by card. In our workshops we only accept the following cards: Bancontact, Maestro (also contactless, make sure it's activated for foreign use), Mastercard (activated for foreign use), Visa and VPay (so no American Express)Also accepted: Ecocheque, Ecopass and Monizze.

application/pdf User conditions (41.54 KB)

City bicycles

Technical profile: Our city bikes, with 7 or 8 gears, are unisex and come with a padlock (see user conditions at the top of the page), powerful dynamo lights.
Available in 3 sizes: S (1m50 to 1m62), M (1m62 to 1m78), and L (1m78 to 1m90).
These bikes are suitable for the city and for traveling, but not for mountain bike tours.

Rental price
€15 for a day, €8 for every additional day. €45 per week, €24 per additional week.
The bikes can also be rented on a monthly or yearly basis. Info on the prices at the top of this web page.
Deposit: €50/bicycle, with a maximum of €350 when renting several bikes.

Group rental
Group rentals are only possible in Bike Point Central .

Extra: children's seats are available free of charge !

Blue bike

With the Blue-bike system, you first take a €12/year subscription. With this, you can rent a decent city bike for just €3,15 per day at bike points located in or near 44 Belgian stations, including Brussels North, Brussels Central, Brussels Luxembourg and Brussels South. Ideal for combining trains and bicycles throughout Belgium.

To the Blue Bike website 

What’s the difference with Villo?

1. It’s everywhere in Belgium, not only in Brussels.

2. Users: Blue-bikes are aimed at local and international travelers who regularly or occasionally need a bicycle in and around Belgian cities.

3. Rental period: a Blue-bike subscriber can use the bicycle all day long. You don’t ride from A to B, but from A to A; your point of departure from which you will likely take a train back.