Looking for a used bike in Brussels?

There are several ways of finding a used bike in Brussels.

Before going through them one by one, here first are a few important points: Is the bicycle maybe too small or too big for me? How do I plan to use it? Is the frame in good condition? Are there small or large repair costs that will have to be incurred? Can I go back to the seller if there are problems later? Have I also included the purchase of a (good quality) lock in my budget?

Taken everything into consideration? So, go for it! Because the longer a bicycle is on the road, the more sustainable a form of transport it becomes.

Bike markets

Selling and buying among (future) cyclists
Non-refurbished bicycles (with technical specifications)
At the bike markets, it is possible to sell or buy a bicycle. In the best case scenario, these bikes of all different sorts come with a sheet including their technical specifications.
Every year, in September, CyCLO holds its big Bike Fair. The CycloLokal team offers its help to any association that wants to organize its own bicycle flea market.
Here are all the dates and locations.

A real CyCLO bike

CyCLO > Brussels residents
Refurbished bikes, 1 year warranty
CyCLO has its own offerings of refurbished bikes with a one year warranty. These bicycles do not only contribute to sustainability, they also have their social and local sides! Take a look at our offer and make an appointment to check them out in real life. [ON HOLD]

From a third party

Third party > Brussels residents
Refurbished bikes (usually)
Discover our map of bike services in Brussels here and check the BUY A SECOND HAND BIKE box. First contact the merchant or the initiative to find out more about what they specifically have to offer. From time to time, the Pro Velo association also sells off its old fleet of quality rental bikes

Children’s bikes

Third party > Brussels kids
Refurbished bikes, trade-in
Looking for a kid’s bike suitable for his or her age? The Vélothèques initiative offers a low-cost, sustainable option: €20/year. Or go see our friends at the Ateliers de la Rue Voot and check out their project Un vélo pour 10 ans: “A Bike for 10 years”.

No bike to waste

Voot Vélo > Brussels residents
Non-refurbished bikes > Bikes that you refurbish yourself
Choose a bike and repair it yourself thanks to this initiative at the Ateliers de la Rue Voot.


Individuals > Brussels residents
(Usually) Non-refurbished, no warranty

Solidarity bike

Brussels Mobility and several cycling associations > Socially-oriented association > Brussels residents
Refurbished bicycles, 1 year free leasing

The Solidarity Bikes are bicycles for members of the clientele of an association promoting social integration who are interested in pursuing an itinerary devoted to cycling.

A fleet of bikes

CyCLO > Association or school in Brussels
Refurbished bikes
Via the CyCLO Bike Depot and thanks to the support of the Brussels Capital Region, public agencies, schools and associations can acquire a fleet of recycled bikes at an afforable price. [ON HOLD]