Bike mechanic Courses

You ride your bicycle every day, but how well do you actually know it? Do you want to show it your devoted love and how to diagnose technical problems on time? Our bike mechanic classes will give you a better overall understanding of your bike how it works, and how to use the right tools. At Het Atelier Participatif we offer the following :

  1. Attend our general introduction classes for beginners
  2. Attend our classes on the maintenance and adjustment of specific bike components for amateurs
  3. Attend our adult/child-classes: learning together in a group on Saturday mornings (in French only for now)
  4. For a bunch of people: make your group discover the bike mechanic universe (for adults and children from 10 years old on). Interested? Please contact 

If are looking for a job and want to become a professional bike mechanic, see if you match the conditions of our socio-professional trajectory called DyNAMO (only in French).

Beginners: understanding and taking care of my bike

Want to get to know your bike, make it last longer and learn how to enjoy it even more? Show your bike how much you love it by attending this course!

  • Beginners 1. Get to know your bike What actually happens when I pedal, squeeze my brake levers or pull my shifters? ; What is the right name for each component and what's their main function? Let's get your hands dirty!; How to enjoy the hilly side of Brussels; tyre advice ; the drivetrain's do's and don'ts; Ergonomics; body position in relation to your saddle, handlebar and pedals.
  • Beginners 2. ​Taking care of my bike What's that strange noise each time you pedal? Learn how to check your bike for wear and tear; What’s inside a bike mechanic hobbyist toolkit and how to handle it? Get some tips and tricks from a pro; Daily bike care; Finally face enemy number one of every bike tour: a puncture: how to fix an inner tube, on-the-side-of-the-road-style!


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How to register?
Registration is mandatory*
€50 2x 2h (registration and payment on the spot)
€ 53,62 for online registration and payment

Oh yeah, don't forget to bring your bike with you. It will come handy for careful observation.

Questions? There's a big chance you 'll find the answer in this FAQ-document below, starring registration, class is full, cancellation policy.

Advanced: maintenance and adjustments

You are comfortable with tools and want to build up your bicycle mechanics skills.  Or you followed our beginners class and want to become even more velonomous. Time to take a look at the different bike components in depth and exercise their maintenance and adjustments:

  • All about your wheels A wheel isn't just a wheel! In this class you will get to know the most common types and sizes of rims, tyres and tubes and even learn how to change a spoke.
  • All about your gears Discover what type of gear helps you climbing that Mont des Arts. Learn to understand its mechanics, how to tune a rear derailleur and how to replace worn cables.
  • All about your brakes Stopping is as important as pedalling! During this class discover what type of brakes make your bike stop, learn to understand their mechanics and how to make those pads squeeze well!
  • All about your transmisson This system transforms the power of your beautiful legs into the power of a riding bike. In this class, you'll get to know its components, how it gets worn and how to fix it. 

There are no English classes scheduled yet. Subscribe to our Newsletter, opt for Cours/Classes and receive an e-mail if new dates have been published. 

How to register?
Registration is mandatory*
€100 for 4x 4h (for registration and payment on the spot)
€106,04 for online registration and payment

Don't forget to bring your bike with you. We won't fix broken parts during class, but we'll use it for observation and diagnostics.

Questions? There's a big chance you 'll find the answer in this FAQ-document below, starring registration, class is full, cancellation policy.

Organise a workshop

You represent a school, a non-profit organisation, an enterprise or a group of friends and you’re in search for a bike mechanics introduction workshop? Invite the CycloLokal team at your place. Or come with your group to our workshop and attend real bike mechanic classes together. You can find our offer here (only in Dutch and French).