The 7 #velolove bike commandments

1. Park it where it is dry and safe

If possible, park your bicycle inside. Even if a lubricated chain is water repellent, moisture can still damage the cables or the chain.  And, of course, be careful always to use your lock, even for just 2 minutes. A bike can get stolen very quickly... Check to find a parking spot and to have your bike marked.

2. Keep it clean

Dry cleaning your bike (with maybe some degreaser) often does the job! Does your bike need a bath? Wash it with soapy water and then rinse it off. Then carefully dry off the whole bike in order to avoid rusting. Lubricate the bike when it is dry.

3. Check the tyre pressure every month

Riding with correctly inflated tires is more comfortable and prevents them from becoming worn prematurely. The recommended pressure is written on the tire’s sidewall (min-max bar). You can achieve the optimal pressure by using a pump with a pressure gauge. Also be careful not to go over curbs when riding too fast, especially with under-inflated tires!

4. Lubricate once a month

The chain and the drivetrain should be lubricated regularly. You can do it yourself by turning the pedals backwards and lubricating it on the inside with a bike chain lube (available in all the CyCLO bike shops). And yes, using sun flower oil instead is a bad idea… In our bike workshops, you can also have your chain lubricated for free!

5. Check the brake pads for wear

Regularly check how worn your brake pads are. The wear indicator should always be visible. If it is not anymore, not only will braking be less effective, but the brake shoe (the metal structure) may wear out the rim prematurely. And replacing a rim is much more expensive than replacing a pair of pads…

6. Listen closely

Pay attention to your bike. Is it making a suspicious noise when you ride? Do you notice anything unusual? Than something isn't working as it should... Don't wait until it gets worse (or more expensive) before getting it analyzed and fixed.

7. Once a year, bring it in for maintenance

Have your bike serviced on an annual basis, it's the best way to ensure your steed’s longevity. Winter is the best time to do so, because at that time of the year, mechanics are usually less busy.