e-bike diagnostics

Why is my pedal assist no longer working as well is it should?
Is it my battery that is too old or a cable that got disconnected?
Bike Point Central will find out what’s wrong!

CyCLO has recently begun to accept electric bikes at its Bike Point at the foot of the Mont des Arts. Our team of mechanics will diagnose and resolve the problem if possible (!) or refer you to a service qualified to do so.

Here already some tips from CyCLO for (future) e-cyclists:

  • First of all, never buy your electric bike online, but only from an authorized (Brussels) dealer offering after-sales support.
  • Is there a problem? Check if your bike is no longer under warranty.
  • You can’t contact the original seller for some reason? Then CyCLO will do everything it can to help you. Keep in mind that the association is not a comprehensive after-sales support service and still does not do repairs on electric steps.
  • CyCLO is currently in the experimental phase of this new service and hence can’t provide you a detailed price list. Please note that the association charges €42 per hour for labor.
  • One last point about batteries:
    • The Bebat website explains how to extend the life of your battery.
      1. Don’t let your battery become completely discharged.
      2. Avoid ambient temperatures that are too low.
    • In some cases, you can get your battery serviced by a specialized service provider.
    • Your battery has died? Bring it to your local bike shop or to the Recypark nearest to you. CyCLO does not accept used batteries for recycling.