City bicycles

Technical profile: Our city bikes, with 7 or 8 gears, are unisex and come with a padlock (see user conditions at the top of the page), powerful dynamo lights.
Available in 3 sizes: S (1m50 to 1m62), M (1m62 to 1m78), and L (1m78 to 1m90).
These bikes are suitable for the city and for traveling, but not for mountain bike tours.

Rental price
€15 for a day, €8 for every additional day
€ 25 for a 3-day weekend (Saturday to Tuesday)
€45 per week, €24 per additional week
The bikes can also be rented on a monthly or yearly basis. Info on the prices at the top of this web page.
Deposit: €50/bicycle, with a maximum of €350 when renting several bikes.

Extra: children's seats are available free of charge !